Tomato "Scatolone" Heirloom 15 Seeds

Tomato "Scatolone" Heirloom Indeterminate
  • Average 100 g in weight
  • Mild, individual fruits ripen
  • Indeterminate variety
  • 5-9 fruits in a bunch
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Tomato "Scatolone"

approx.15 Seeds

Mid-early variety with fleshy and sweet, pepper-shaped, red fruits weighing 80-100 g. There are 5-9 fruits in a bunch.
Fruits contain few seeds, universal use. The variety is indeterminate, and very productive. Designed for outdoor cultivation.
Requires garter and plant formation. The first inflorescence is laid above 9-11 leaves, the next ones - after 3 leaves.
Fresh fruit has good taste. The variety has high sugar content. Suitable for stuffing. Medium resistance to major fungal diseases.

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