Cherry Tomato ORGANIC

the juicy consistency of a cherry, and an excellent, sweet rich flavor. Consistently one of the best-tasting in our trials. Nice, deep red color. Heavy yields over a long period of time. Indeterminate
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Matt's Wild CherryTomato Seed

Product ID: 732

The wild tomato with great flavor.

These small, 5 gm., cherry tomatoes are deep red, have a tender, smooth texture, and sweet, full flavor. High sugar content. Though the flavor is superior, it doesn't yield as well as modern varieties, and the fruits are soft. Fantastic in salsa and for fresh eating. Some resistance to early blight and late blight. Indeterminate. Avg. 31,000 seeds/oz. Packet: 20 seeds.

DETERMINATE:(bush) varieties do not need pruning and may be grown with or without support; fruit ripens within a concentrated time period.
INDETERMINATE:(climbing) varieties should be staked, trellised, or caged, and pruned for best results; fruit ripens over an extended period. Call for additional cultural tips.
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