Lilies, Fragrant Oriental Mixed

Lilium, Flower Bulbs Mixed 10 BULBS DEAL
6 colors mixed
Product Code: Lilies, Fragrant Oriental Mixed
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Lilium, Flower Bulbs  Mixed   10 BULBS DEAL 


Sweet fragrance for every garden.
The midsummer mix of pink, white and red 6" blooms are fragrant in daytime—and more so at night. Lilies add form, structure and texture to the border. The 36-48" plants multiply over time, creating a fragrant mass of glossy leaves, sweeping plant habit and undiluted color.

lifecycle: Perennial 

Uses: Beds, Borders, Cut Flowers 

Sun: Full Sun 

Height: 3-4  feet

Spread: 15-18  inches

Bloom Duration: 8  weeks


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