Kaner yellow plants Seeds approx 10 seeds id:1008

Kaner yellow plants Seeds
approx 10 seeds
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Kaner  yellow plants Seeds 

Kaner plants can be easily planted at home. And the Kaner plant comes in various colors. The Orange and yellow one Kaner is more popular. And the flower of Kaner also has a lovely fragrance. Kaner is a poisonous plant. The plant of Kaner can also be grown from cuttings or seeds. 

  • Planting : Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the pot/polybag your plant comes in. Backfill, mixing compost in with your top soil. Plant into the loosened soil.
  • Indoor And Outdoor Plant for better living
  • This Plant Produces Large Number Of Flowers Making Your Garden/Balcony Very Attractive. It Is A Popular Landscaping Plant. Can Be Grown On Ground As Well As Containers In Terrace/Balcony Garden. Easy To Care And Requires Less Maintenance
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