Powder Cockroach Killing Bait (5g)x50pkt

Powder Cockroach Killing Bait (5g) x 50 packets
Product Code: Bait (5 g) 50pkt
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Powder Cockroach Killing Bait (5g)
Name: leafy killing cockroach bait cockroach clear
powdered oatmeal flavor, cockroaches favorite !
selling in lot: one lot =5bags 
Control target: German cockroach , Oriental cockroach , American cockroach and other cockroaches.
Size: 5 g / bag 
Shelf life: two years
Active ingredient: 0.05% fipronil ( new formulations , better , environmental protection, pollution )
National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee finds products , the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended products !
This product is a cure for the eradication of cockroaches !
Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention determined to kill cockroaches hundred percent mortality rate , product quality up to A level standard !
Efficient insecticide destroy eggs , not only can directly kill a lot of cockroaches, and hatching eggs may be blocked ,
causing deformities death cockroach , cockroach races so as to achieve a unique effect ;


Usage way:

1: put one paper on the ground where cockcroach always appear

2:open the bag,take out the medcine,put it on the paper

3:wash your hand after take it .and better not let your elder or childer to touch it .

4:after the cockcroach died on the paper,take it together with paper to rabbish case.

5:away from the trouble of cockkroach forever ,lead a better and quite life!!

Efficient insecticide destroy the eggs ! Cockroach bait leafy clear not only directly kill a lot of cockroaches, and hatching eggs may be blocked , causing deformities death cockroach , cockroach populations so as to achieve a unique effect. And cockroaches have bad habits, like eating companion body, so , one dead , the whole nest dead ! Especially for German cockroaches have effects !
Area recommended amount
50m2-70m2 8 bags / time ,30- 40 bags / year
70m2-130m2 12 bags / times ,40- 50 bags / year
Note: The above amount under normal circumstances , the actual please discretion . If the density of the larger dose should also increase the delivery .
Cockroach to ensure a successful , evils , therefore , not have cockroaches went out there to see where ( some cockroaches small, hard to find ) , overall pesticide should prevent cockroaches ran to the other room . 






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