Agenda 1000 ML

Agenda 1000 ML
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Agenda     1000 ML    (BAYER)


SKU: For Anti-Termite Treatment (Pre-Construction & Post-Construction)


Agenda 25 EC is a liquid formulation which provides long-term protection to your home from termites.  Agenda contains active ingredient fipronil.

For conducting Post-construction or Pre-construction anti-termite treatment, Agenda should be mixed with water at a recommended dose rate and applied as per the recommended guidelines.


Key Product Benefits:


  • Non-repellent termiticide, hence termites cannot recognize the gaps present in the chemical barrier.
  • Gets readily transferred between one termite and another, through contact, trophyllaxis and grooming.
  • Good soil binding properties facilitates the retention of active ingredient, minimal leaching potential into ground water.
  • Long term protection and colony management effect.
  • Can also be mixed with kerosene

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