Ornamental Grass KOELERIA glauca 'Coolio'

Ornamental Grass KOELERIA glauca 'Coolio'
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Ornamental Grass KOELERIA glauca 'Coolio'
wt:165 mg

Smooth Junegrass is a short-lived ornamental grass and selection 'Coolio is nicely mounding, with thread-like blue-green foliage and silvery flowerheads. This small, clump-forming perennial is native from central Europe eastward into parts of Siberia in Russia. The numerous narrow leaf blades help form an attractive blue-green mound. In early summer, wiry stems arise above the leaves, revealing a panicale, or collection of short stems at the stem tip, that contains the numerous and tiny green flowers. As the panicle ages, it becomes more bluish white in appearance, finally becoming tan by the start of autumn.

Smooth Junegrass thrives in alkaline soils that are coarse or sandy in composition, in full sun to very light shade. Although a perennial grass, it endures best if planted in a nutrient poor, gritty, well-draining soil. Typically in the moister, more fertile garden soils, it will slowly diminish over a few years and require replacement. Grow this grass in a rockery, in a sandy soil pocket in the garden border, either as a pretty accent, or clustered in groups for full color and foliage effect. The plant will freely seed itself, so the flowering stems can be removed in autumn, or allowed to linger for early winter interest.

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