Cabbage f1

*Approximately 40 seeds in each packet
*Imported packing has been checked and re-packed by our organization
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Stonehead F1



Stonehead is an early, medium-headed variety with tip burn tolerance. It has a compact plant with gray-green head color. Stonehead is also an AAS Award Winner.

Excellent holding ability

Disease Resistance

T: TpB

Days to Maturity from Direct Seed: 60

Head Shape


Head Size


Exterior Color

Grey Green

Market Use


Relative Maturity



*Approximately 40 seeds in each packet   
*Imported packing has been checked and re-packed by our organization 

For over 95 years Sakata Seed has been a trusted and respected source of premium
hybrid vegetable seed. Sakata offers superior lines of broccoli, tomato, peppers, and
many other crops. Our cabbage program is no exception and you’ll find it’s full of
proven varieties that are used in different regions throughout the United States and
Canada. Sakata is committed to providing growers with high quality and high yielding
varieties to help ensure their success and profitability. To further this goal, Sakata Seed
Corporation has recently acquired Reed’s Seeds cabbage genetics. The purchase includes
all existing commercial varieties as well as the genetics from their long standing and
excellent breeding program. The infusion of these new genetics into Sakata’s breeding
program is sure to produce excellent future fresh market and storage hybrids.
This is an exciting time for us as we expand our cabbage breeding potential and offer a
more comprehensive cabbage assortment to our customers. In addition to Sakata’s and
Chriseed’s strong and dependable existing cabbage programs we are pleased to offer new
fresh/processing types and most notably, new storage varieties. The following pages will
showcase our new expanded line of cabbages.
The new varieties added to our program can be purchased through either Sakata Seed
America or Chriseed’s distribution network. Under each variety description, you’ll find the
company logos—the logos designate which company (Sakata Seed America or Chriseed)
will supply each specific variety. Additionally, Reed’s Seeds will continue to s ell six
varieties on an exclusive basis in their sales territory. Varieties with the Reed’s Seeds logo are
exclusive to Reed’s in New England, FL, MD, MI, NC, NY, OH, PA, VA, WI. For further
information on which company will market each variety, please refer to the characteristics
chart at the back of this brochure.
Thank you for taking time to review our cabbage line. We appreciate your business and
we look forward to a prosperous future together.
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