The 8", slightly tapered ears are filled with 14-16 rows of sweet, richly flavored, tender white kernels. Great tip fill. Dark green, tight husks, and abundant dark flags. 7' plants. Requires warm (65°F/18°C) soil to germinate properly. Intermediate resistance to northern corn leaf blight and stewart's wilt
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NOTE: Corn Cold Testing As an additional service to our customers, all Johnny's treated sweet corn seed lots are "cold tested". We take this extra step to ensure our customers receive the highest germinating seeds possible. Cold testing mimics spring soil conditions and indicates suitability for early, cool soil sowing. FOR PACKAGE SIZES OF 5 LB. AND LARGER, SEED LOTS THAT GERMINATE BELOW OUR STANDARD IN THE COLD TEST ARE NEVER SHIPPED WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT OF THE CUSTOMER.

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