Pacifica XP Rose Halo Vinca 40 seeds

Pacifica XP Rose Halo Vinca
40 seeds in a packet
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Pacifica XP Rose Halo Vinca 40 seeds

Scientific Name : Catharanthus roseus

Common Name : Madagascar Periwinkle

Blooming Season : Late Summer, Late Spring, Summer

Plant Habit : Mounded, Upright

Spacing : 6" (15cm)

Height : 10 - 14" (25 - 36cm)

Width : 6 - 8" (15 - 20cm)

Exposure : Sun

Grower Information : A Hot Summer Survivors and a Colour Essentials selection. Supplied as raw seed with an 85%+ Yield Potential rating.

The earliest, largest-flowered and most vigorous O.P vinca comes with XP seed quality, making it easier to grow and more appealing at retail. Pacifica XP varieties deliver a tight, 5 to 7-day flowering window and uniform, upright habit across all colours. It’s the only vinca series on the market with colours covering all top sellers plus novelties, including the only true Red. Outstanding in hot, dry and sunny conditions, these durable, stress-tolerant plants meet the increasing consumer demand for water-wise, heat-loving crops. 

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