Large exotic looking blooms Exotic looking, large double blooms in a wide range of bright colours on spreading plants. Very versatile, it can be used as ground cover as well as for spilling out of all types of container. Height: 18-25cm/7-10in Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA). Habit: Ground Cover. 100 SEEDS IN PACKET.
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Portulaca Double Mixed
Approx. 100 Seeds   ID: 7852
A truly beautiful low growing ground cover type plant is called the portulaca (Portulaca grandiflora), or sometimes known as the sun rose or moss rose
Portulaca flowers are truly beautiful in various garden and landscape settings and have been used to beautify old structures and stone walkways, as they grow well in the old cracks in the structures where winds have deposited just enough soil to support them.
Portulaca flowers are beautiful growing around the stones of a garden path with their mix of beautiful colours of pink, red, yellow, orange, deep lavender, cream and white.. Portulaca flowers are easy to grow and enjoy.

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