PEAT MOSS Growing & Sowing Media 250 L

PEAT MOSS Growing & Sowing Media 250 L
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Growing & Sowing Media 250 L


bx1 growing media

Professional media formulated to supply nutrients over a long period. BX1 Media specially developed for raising oil palm seedlings, and is a new media that complements the BX1 system in the pre-nursery. BX1 Media lets you reap the full advantages of the usual sphagnum peat and comes with something extra - an added blend of specially selected nutrients.

Sowing germinated seeds in BX1 Media is easy. Just add water periodically. Every seedling is adequately supplied with nutrients throughout the pre-nursery phase and early in the main nursery phase.

Benefits of using BX1 Media:

  • Minimises human errors and reduces wastage of fertiliser
  • Encourages uniform growth of seedlings
  • Ensures healthy and continuous seedling growth
  • Reduces transplanting shock


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