Organic 2 in 1 Plant Invigorator RTU

Organic 2 in 1 Plant Invigorator RTU
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Organic 2 in 1 Plant Invigorator RTU 

A ready-to-use spray suitable for flowers, fruit and vegetables

Suitable for organic gardens, Organic 2 in 1 Plant Invigorator RTU removes dust, dirt and wax from plants, preventing insects securing their eggs on leaves and stems.

A blend of natural oils, emulsifiers and seaweed, it can be used on flowers, fruit and vegetable crops.

Organic 2 in 1 Plant Invigorator RTU:

  • Contains seaweed to stimulate plant growth and strengthen plants’ defences against disease
  • Works by physical means without insecticides
  • Requires no interval before harvesting crops
  • Children and pets may be allowed onto treated areas once the leaf surface is dry

Suitable for edible and ornamental crops including citrus plants and roses. The product can be used outdoors or under glass. Always test plant suitability by spraying a small area first.

Shake well before use and apply as a fine spray thoroughly covering the upper and lower leaf surfaces. Apply monthly during the spring and summer.

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