Epsom Salts 1000 gm

Epsom Salts 1000 gm
Product Code: Epsom Salts 1000 gm
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Epsom Salts 1000 gm 

Rapid cure for magnesium deficiency

  • Particularly beneficial for tomatoes and house plants
  • Apply as necessary during the growing season


Epsom Salts provide a rapid cure for magnesium deficiency in plants.

Magnesium is vital for the production of chlorophyll, without which plant foliage will turn brown and wither. An early symptom of the problem is a yellowing between the veins on older leaves. Tomatoes and house plants can be particularly susceptible to this deficiency.

Epsom Salts provide a simple and very effective remedy. Apply as soon as the problem is spotted. Either work into the soil as a base dressing or dissolve the salts in water and apply directly to the leaves with a sprayer or watering can.

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