Green Up Lawn Care

Green Up Lawn Care 1000 gm
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Green Up Lawn Care 1000 gm

High potash formulation prepares the turf for the stresses of winter conditions

  • The most complete lawn feed available
  • Unique Organic Nutrient Delivery system
  • Thatch busting wetting agents to relieve dry patch
  • Incorporating technology used in the professional sports turf industry

Contains nutrients, beneficial microbes, turf wetter, plant vitamins and molasses.  The organic content stimulates soil microbial activity whilst offering a steady release of nutrients, improving root development and giving a high quality lawn with good drought resistance.

Dry patch is a common problem that usually occurs when grass clippings have built up in the soil or the lawn has not been scarified regularly.  A layer of humus builds up around the roots, called Thatch, that becomes waxy and hydrophobic, meaning that however much the area is watered, the water cannot penetrate into the rootzone.  The result is patches of brown grass that remain stubbornly dry and unhealthy.

Vitax’s unique thatch buster is a complex mixture of beneficial organisms, biological stimulants and wetting agent that ensures water can penetrate the thatch layer.  Once there it will break it down over a period of time ensuring that the dry patch does not re-occur.  All in all, a healthier, greener lawn for you to enjoy.

Apply during the autumn and winter months to improve turf colour and resilience. Repeat in early spring to give an early season boost. Do not apply during freezing conditions or when rain is imminent.



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