Ammonia Sulfate

Ammonia Sulfate 21-0-0, the best home gardening product Net wight: 1000 gm
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Ammonia Sulfate 21-0-0,  the best home gardening product 

Net wight: 1000 gm 

Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer, 21-0-0, 
 This is a popular early spring fertilizer for leafy vegetable crops, grapes, fruit trees and lawns. Covers up to 10,600 sq ft.
A fast-acting source of nitrogen to be used wherever immediate growth and color is needed. Ammonium Sulfate is the most acidifying granular nitrogen fertilizer available and is an excellent choice for alkaline Western soils. 

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Product Description 
• Ammonium Sulfate or Sulfate of Ammonia is an inexpensive, readily available form of water-soluble nitrogen. When used in early spring, it encourages rapid leafing out of trees and shrubs and quick greening of lawns. When used on leafy vegetable crops like lettuce and cabbage, it causes more rapid development of these vegetables and promotes quicker harvests. The high percentage of sulfur in this fertilizer makes it especially desirable for acid-loving plants. The high level of nitrogen combined with sulfur in this product means you must be careful how you apply it in hot weather or you may burn the plants and turf. 
• What the primary nutrients do: Plants need nitrogen to produce and maintain healthy leaves. Phosphorus promotes strong root growth and flower formation. Potash (potassium) is needed for strong plant structure and resistance to summer and winter stress. 

How To Use Tips 
• For trees and shrubs planted in turf, insert a shovel halfway into the ground at 4 or 5 locations around the dripline of the plants. Push the shovel forward to leave a half moon shaped opening in the soil. Put a small amount of ammonium sulfate fertilizer (21-0-0) in the hole, and push the turf back into place. If this seems like too much work or you don't have a shovel, use fertilizer stakes instead. Water well immediately after application. To bring spring lawns out of cold season dormancy, apply fertilizer with a spreader according to bag directions and water thoroughly. One bag feeds up to 4000 square feet of lawn area. To insure a balanced diet for your plants, alternate Ammonium Sulfate with a balanced or complete fertilizer. 
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