'Starfighter' - Oriental Lily 5 BULBS

'Starfighter' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb
Size 16/18 DEAL 5 BULBS
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'Starfighter' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb
Size 16/18   DEAL  5 BULBS 

ID: 1218

Oriental Lilies are later to bloom than other types, with intoxicatingly fragrant star-shaped flowers that are superb for cutting. They prefer a rich, moist soil on the acidic side, with similar needs to Rhododendrons. This tall selection produces outfacing red flowers with a wide white petal edge and burgundy spots. Stems should be staked before blooming to prevent wind damage. Especially nice in containers. Remove dead stems in the fall. Clumps may be divided after a few years by digging up the bulbs in mid autumn, separating them and replanting to a new location.
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