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  Lily Bulb Crystal Blanca LA white 

Lily Bulb Crystal Blanca LA white

Lily Bulb Crystal Blanca LA white
5 bulbs deal
not deliver cash on delivery

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Product ID: Crystal Blanca white LA
Brand: Hem Zaden B.V. Netherlands
Price Changed On: 19 Oct, 2016

Availability: Out of Stock
Rs. 450.00

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Crystal Blanca' - Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb LA  white     (not deliver cash on delivery )
5 bulbs deal 
imilar to the famous 'Casablanca', but with a slightly lighter fragrance and much more powerful stems to hold up the heavy blossoms. No staking has been required in our garden on these strong stemmed beauties. A good choice for areas of dappled sun or part shade, where a minimal-maintenance, graceful, outfacing lily is needed. 4 to 5 Feet. Late July/Early August Flowering. Fragrant.
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